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Marie-France Collin L.Ac.


Marie-France Collin became interested in Acupuncture at a very young age when her father was successfully treated by a local MD returning from China for a difficult health condition. She remained interested in pursuing acupuncture as she grew up and was finally able to pursue her career path when she started traveling abroad and undertaking Chinese language, arts and philosophy, which then lead her to Chinese Medicine.

Marie-France has traveled around the world and lived over 20 years in Asia: China, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong-Kong. She followed renowned acupuncturists that allowed her to develop a depth of knowledge beyond what is taught in North American acupuncture schools. She has also been featured in Chinese and Japanese newspapers and magazines, Hong-Kong and Korean television programs.

While in Asia Marie-France learned:

  • Japanese Massage (Shiatsu) in Japan

  • Chinese Massage (Tuina) in China

  • Acupuncture in China at various hospitals in Shanghai and Beijing

  • Qi Gong in China, Japan and Thailand, in particular becoming an Instructor in the Universal Tao System lead by Master Mantak Chia

After many years in Asia, Marie-France came to the U.S. to partake in the Academic aspect of acupuncture and graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in San Diego, California. She holds both a CA license and an IL license in acupuncture.


For the last 18 years, Marie-France has been an instructor at the Pacific College campus in Chicago and was the department chair of Acupuncture for the school for 10 years. In parallel she has her private acupuncture practice in the Loop in downtown Chicago.

Marie-France continues to travel regularly to study with the great masters in acupuncture, deepening her understanding of the application of Chinese philosophy to the functioning of the body, and the relationship between body, mind and spirit. Among these she is privileged to be a student of Master Jeffrey Yuen, leader in Classical Chinese Medicine, disciple of the 88th generation.

In France she studies under Dr. Nadia Volf for Auriculotherapy as well as with

Dr. Raphael Nogier and his team of instructors.

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